Well-being: ‘Life in balance’

Have you been feeling:


  • Stressed?

  • Constantly Tired?

  • Anxious?

  • Overwhelmed?


Do you suffer with:


  • Muscular, joint or nerve pain?

  • Migraines?

  • Menopausal symptoms?

  • Arthritis?

  • Psoriasis or eczema?

Have you been struggling to sleep and relax?

I am a home based, Level 3, Complementary Therapist, affiliated to the Federation of Holistic Therapists’ (FHT). Treatments include Swedish & Aromatherapy massage, Holistic Head & Facial massage, Reflexology and Reiki.

As a direct result of practising Aromatherapy massage with essential oils, I have developed therapeutic oil blends and made them into soy wax candles and melts, so clients can enjoy the benefits of these at home. This range of products is called Therapy & Scent and are
available to purchase in my shop.

 Trina Bailey

As a therapy client you can expect an individual service involving a relaxed conversation regarding your health (consultation), followed by the treatment of your choice. All treatments are between 30-90 mins in duration, are personalised according to your health need and will help you to manage your physical, mental and emotional issues.

I see clients of all age groups, many of whom are struggling with stress & anxiety, menopausal symptoms or physical joint/muscle pain. The treatments I offer will help to improve these issues and many of my clients who came to me initially to treat a particular health problem, still attend on a monthly basis to maintain their health & well being.

Where possible, I also give clients exercises to do at home to accelerate their recovery. These could be physical exercises to improve joint pain & mobility or self-help ideas to deal with sleep issues, stress & anxiety. I am a firm believer in making small changes to our daily
activities, can make huge differences to our health.

If you are struggling with any of the issues listed above, then please get in touch for a no obligation discussion about your symptoms and how I can help you recover and enjoy life again.